Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing

The Licensing Executives Society – Arab Countries in cooperation with Asharqia Chamber, organized a training course entitled “Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing” part of the "Arab Certified IP Licensing Practitioner" program in Al-Khobar, KSA.

Course Contents:
The intensive 32-hour training course provides participants with basic concepts and skills necessary for successful Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing. This course consists of four major topics:

1. The Basics of Intellectual Property and Licensing
- Overview of Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets and Patents
- Copyrights and Trademarks
- Anatomy of a Utility Patent
- Licensing: Attributes, Issues and Terminology

2. Business Framework of IP and Licensing
- Overview of Intellectual Asset Management Model and Strategy Elements.
- Creation Element, Portfolio Management, Value Extraction.
- The Search, Value Recognition and Maturity Model, Finding and Qualifying Prospects.

3. The Deal: Valuation and Negotiation
- Valuation Overview, Market and Cost Approaches.
- Income Approach, Value Considerations, Due Diligence.
- Negotiation Principles, Strategies, Tactics, and Styles.
- Deal Memo, Closing, Outcomes, and Maintenance.
- Deal Presentations and Analysis.
- Maintaining IP Agreements.

4. Living with the Deal

-Maintaining IP Agreements: Plans, Implementation, Content, Contractual Obligations, Relationships, and Responsibilities
-Case Study Application: Analysis of the IA Management Issues in the Deals Negotiated in 103
-Termination Issues and Dispute Resolution Procedures

Targeted Groups
This course is designed for those whose responsibilities include any aspect of Licensing and Technology Transfer such as: lawyers, financial & business development consultants, Intellectual Asset managers, patent attorneys, portfolio managers, CEOs, general managers, business owners and consultants dealing with Franchising & Licensing and people working in any kind of industries.

After completing this Course, participants will be able to:
 Use the fundamental language of Intellectual Property and Licensing
 Identify basic legal issues
 Understand how to develop an Intellectual Asset Management process
 Participate in analyzing and assessing the portfolio of Intellectual Assets
 Understand how technologies are valued
 Recognize and use successful strategies for negotiating and closing a deal
 Understand the business factors that contribute to successful agreement management