Benefits of Membership

Who should join LES-AC?

LES-AC is a professional society for people interested in licensing. The membership is drawn from representatives of a wide range of disciplines and organizations. It is an important feature of LES-AC that it brings together people from different backgrounds.

If your answers to the following are YES

• Does your business import technology from abroad, either in the form of final products or technological processes? 
• Does your industry import technology from abroad? 
• Do you have an interest in obtaining trademarks or patent licensing? 
• Does your company benefit financially from know-how of foreign firms? Do you want to learn about know-how licensing? 
• Do you have an invention, an idea or some other special knowledge that you believe could be financially valuable? 
• Do you want to manage or franchise? Do you pay royalties? 
• Does your position in the company require you to contribute your analysis or studies to strategic alliances and joint ventures? 
• Are you responsible for evaluation of technical processes or products? 
• Do you work as an executive in the chemical industry? 
• Do you work as a scientist working in a private or public research laboratory or agricultural institution? 
• Are you a specialized advocate in the field of intellectual property and contracts of licensing and technology transfer? 
• Are you an academic interested in technology transfer? 
• Do you work as an executive in the communications industry? 
• Do you work as an executive in the computer and electronics industry? 
• Do you work as an executive in the audio and visual recordings industry?

Then you are a potential member of LES

Managing Directors, Company Executives, Small Business Entrepreneurs, University Licensors, Campus Company Managers, Venture Capitalists, Inventors, Accountants, Scientists and Engineers, Lawyers, Patent and Trademark Attorneys, Academics, Government Representatives, Technology Brokers, Consultants.  

Why should you join LES-AC?

• Utilize many formal and informal opportunities to share information on best practices, trends, and the latest resources.
• Active involvement and participation in training seminars and workshops, as well as interaction with international Licensing and Technology Transfer experts.

Education: learn about the industry's best practice licensing techniques and know – how in our Qualification Programs.

Professional Development: grow professionally through volunteer activities at LES; get involved for more networking and leadership opportunities.

Value Added Through:
• Reduced rates for training seminars, workshops, conferences and annual meetings organized by LES-AC and LESI.
• Free-of-charge membership in LES International.
• Access to the "Members Only" areas on LESI and LES-AC websites.
• Free access to the largest Technology Transfer companies data base all around the world.

Receive These Publications:
• LES-AC Newsletter – Monthly Bulletin of LES Arab Countries.
• Les Nouvelles – Quarterly Journal of LES International
• LESI Membership Directory – Free access to more than 12,000 LES International members (online and on CD – ROM)
• LES-AC Publications - as a part of its educational activities, LES-AC issues booklets, surveys, studies, and books in the field of Licensing and Technology Transfer.