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The "Arab Certified IP Licensing Practitioner" program was developed by the most successful practitioners in the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI), the world's preeminent  body specialized in licensing. A group of LES-AC members have translated and developed the curriculum to be consistent with the laws in the Arab countries. 

The program  comprises  the following three levels: 

Commercializing Technology Through the Power of IP Licensing - Level one

 This level comprises  four major topics: 
• Intellectual property basics 
• Basics of IP commercialization / licensing 
• Determining reasonable license fees and royalty rates 
• Managing licensing risks 
• Case study (session 1) 
• Case study (session 2) 

Essential Principles and Tools of Licensing - Level Two

This level comprises four major topics: 

The Basics of Intellectual Property and Licensing
-Intellectual Property and Legal Basis
-Trade Secrets and Patents
-Patents, Trademarks, Internet Domain Names 
-Licensing Exercise
-Licensing Terms: Attributes, Issues, Considerations, and 
Terminology, Sample License Agreement and Clauses: Recitals, 
Definitions, Grants, Royalties, Reporting/Audit, Term/Termination, 
Assignment, Warranties and Representations, Confidentiality, License Limitations, Perspectives of Licensee/Licensor 

IP/IA Business Strategy
-Introduction to Intellectual Asset Management: Holistic IAM Model. High-level View of its Elements: Strategy, Creation, Portfolio Management, Value Extraction, Value Realization. Strategy Element and Case Study Application, Creation Element and Case Study Application; Portfolio Management, Value Extraction Element and Licensing Case Study Application
-The Search, Joint Ventures and Alliances, Value Recognition Element and Case Study Application, Maturity Model, IP Value Hierarchy and Case Study Application (Ex. D & E)

The Deal - Valuation and Negotiation
-Valuation: Overview, Approaches, Reasons, and Steps for Market, Cost Approaches 
-Introduction to Case Study Application
-Income Approach, Discount Rates, Present Value, Cash Flow Analysis, The 25% “Rule,” Relief from Royalty, Extracting Value, Value Considerations, Structuring Agreements, Advanced Valuation Methods, Due Diligence
-Negotiation Overview: Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Styles, Considerations
-Deal Memo, Closing the Deal, Positive and Negative Outcomes, Transaction Ethics, License Maintenance 
-Case Study Application: Negotiation Role Play
-Conclude Negotiations: Plan Presentation
-Deal Presentations
-Analysis and Discussion of Deals

Living with the Deal
Maintaining IP Agreements: Plans, Implementation, Content, Contractual Obligations, Relationships, and Responsibilities
-Case Study Application: Analysis of the IA Management Issues in the Deals Negotiated in 103 
-Termination Issues and Dispute Resolution Procedures

These foundational courses are prerequisites for the third level course in the ACIPLP certificate program. 

Participants receive a certificate on “Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing” after completing this course. 

Advanced Licensing Strategies and Skills- Level Three

This level comprises four major topics: 

Patenting, Due Diligence, and Licensing
Finding the Real IP
Portfolio Building, Case Study Exemplar
Infringement and Validity Considerations
Licensing Strategy, Analysis of Confidentiality Agreement
Grant Provision
Improvements Provision, Payment Provision
Warranties, Warranty Infringement

IA Strategy
IA management system and decision-making tools
IA Alignment and Management
Analyzing competitive information
Developing a business strategy for IA
IA Case Study and Analysis

Introduction of Case Study: Overview of a Valuation Report
What is the Opportunity Worth? Analysis of Value Drivers
Case Study Application: Developing Support for Value Drivers
Analysis of Risk Adjustment Methods, Identifying and Adjusting for the Unknown
Case Study Application: Considering Reasonableness of Assumptions
Using the Valuation Report in Negotiations

Negotiation and Ethics
Negotiation Case Study Application
Negotiation Tactics: Case Study Application
Negotiation Case Study: Conclusion
Ethical and Professional Practices: Case Study Application
Ethics in Negotiations