Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing Course in Amman/Jordan

The Licensing Executives Society – Arab Countries in cooperation with Asharqia Chamber, is organizing a training course entitled “Fundamentals of Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing” part of the "Arab Certified IP Licensing Practitioner" program from the period 20-24 February, 2010 in Al-Khobar, KSA.

• Does your company import or use a foreign technical, whether as final products or as production techniques?
• Does you factory import its technology from abroad?
• Do you want to obtain a license to use trademarks or patents?
• Does your company make any benefit (financially) from the foreign companies’ technology? Do you want to be provided with the information on how to license the know-how of any technology?
• Do you have any invention, idea or special knowledge do you think that it has a financial value?
• Are you committed by a licensing contract with a foreign entity to use and exploitation a trademark or patent? Do you pay for this license?
• Does your job require any analysis or studies related to companies’ mergers or acquisitions?
• Are you in-charge of Products valuation or technology- related operations?
• Do you work as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry?
• Do you work as an executive in the manufacture of chemical products?
• Do you work as a researcher in the research lab or in an Agricultural company?
• Are you an inventor?
• Are you a lawyer specializes in the field of intellectual property, licensing contracts or technology transfer?

If the answer is YES, then you should participate in the program of "Arab Certified Intellectual Property Licensing Practitioner", which is designed to raise the level of knowledge and skills of interested and involved individuals in the licensing and Intellectual Property asset management and those whom are responsible of licensing and business development in various industrial sectors.

Course Contents:
The intensive 32-hour training course provides participants with basic concepts and skills necessary for successful Intellectual Asset Management and Licensing. This course consists of four major topics:

1. The Basics of Intellectual Property and Licensing
- Overview of Intellectual Property: Trade Secrets and Patents
- Copyrights and Trademarks
- Anatomy of a Utility Patent
- Licensing: Attributes, Issues and Terminology

2. Business Framework of IP and Licensing
- Overview of Intellectual Asset Management Model and Strategy Elements.
- Creation Element, Portfolio Management, Value Extraction.
- The Search, Value Recognition and Maturity Model, Finding and Qualifying Prospects.

3. The Deal: Valuation and Negotiation
- Valuation Overview, Market and Cost Approaches.
- Income Approach, Value Considerations, Due Diligence.
- Negotiation Principles, Strategies, Tactics, and Styles.
- Deal Memo, Closing, Outcomes, and Maintenance.
- Deal Presentations and Analysis.
- Maintaining IP Agreements.

4. Living with the Deal
-Maintaining IP Agreements: Plans, Implementation, Content, Contractual Obligations, Relationships, and Responsibilities
-Case Study Application: Analysis of the IA Management Issues in the Deals Negotiated in 103
-Termination Issues and Dispute Resolution Procedures

Targeted Groups:
This course is designed for those whose responsibilities include any aspect of Licensing and Technology Transfer such as: lawyers, financial & business development consultants, Intellectual Asset managers, patent attorneys, portfolio managers, CEOs, general managers, business owners and consultants dealing with Franchising & Licensing and people working in any kind of industries.

After completing this Course, participants will be able to:
 Use the fundamental language of Intellectual Property and Licensing
 Identify basic legal issues
 Understand how to develop an Intellectual Asset Management process
 Participate in analyzing and assessing the portfolio of Intellectual Assets
 Understand how technologies are valued
 Recognize and use successful strategies for negotiating and closing a deal
 Understand the business factors that contribute to successful agreement management

Course Language: Arabic
Date: 20-24 February, 2010 from 8:00 - 2:00 pm
Venue: Holiday Inn Hotel, Al-Khobar-Corniche, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Lecturing in the training course, a group of academics and experts in the fields of law, licensing, and management of IP assets. Who are all accredited by the Licensing Executives International Organization.

Registration Fees:


LES-AC and Asharqia
Chamber Members


Registration before 6/2/2010 4000 SAR 4500 SAR
Registration after 6/2/2010 4500 SAR 5000 SAR

* 10% discount for groups of 3 or more.

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