LES – AC is announcing ‘Protection against Acts of Unfair Competition in Intellectual Property’ Training Course

AMMAN – The Licensing Executives Society – Arab Countries (LES AC) is holding a training course entitled “Protection Against Acts of Unfair Competition in Intellectual Property” December 2021.


During the 12-hour training course, participants will be introduced to the Law of Unfair Competition and its progressive development, and the legal basis for national protection, in addition to an introduction to the various acts of unfair competition, along with the causes and sources for confusion. Moreover, the training course will discuss the following topics:


- Defining Acts of Unfair Competition.


- Legal Basis for Protection.


- Law for Unfair Competition and Changes it has Undergone.


- International Protection – the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property - WIPO.


- International Competition and its Various Aspects.


- Types and Causes for Confusion.


- Concept of Misinformation.


- Intentional Damages