LES–AC Holds ‘Capacity Building Program on Hydroponics (Green Farming)’ Training Course

AMMAN – The Licensing Executives Society – Arab Countries (LES-AC) held a training course entitled “Capacity Building Program on Hydroponics (Green Farming)” on August 15, 2021.
During the 40-hour training course, the trainees will be introduced to the current situation of hydroponics farming in Jordan as well as the locations of the main hydroponics farms in Jordan, in addition to the challenges that face the farmers in Jordan and the reason for converting to hydroponics farming. 
Moreover, the training course was divided into the following parts:
- Introduction of Hydroponics.
- RAFT or DWC System.
- Drip Irrigation System.
- NFT System.
- Soilless Media.
- Water Management.
- Fertilizers.
- Nutrient Solution.
- Plant Management.
- Practical Training (observation).