Arab Certified Intellectual Property Licensing Practitioner

About the ACIPLP program:

The ACIPLP professional program was launched on April 2007 to provide the Arab world with professional executives in the field of licensing, technology transfer, and intellectual asset management.

The program was designed to give participants a solid foundation for building a successful career in the profession of licensing and intellectual asset management, as well as connecting principles to practice.


Program Structure

The program is divided into:

-  Level One:Commercializing Technology through the Power of IP Licensing.

-  Level Two:Essential Principles and Tools of Licensing.

-  Level Three: Advanced Licensing Strategies and Skills.


A. Level one: Commercializing Technology through the Power of IP Licensing

This level builds comprehensive knowledge of intellectual property and the basics of its commercialization through licensing. It also describes the concepts associated with licensing which is considered the preliminary stage of the second level providing participants with primary knowledge about IP, technology and licensing.

This level comprises four major topics:

1. Intellectual property basics

     - TM’s, copyright, designs, patents, trade secrets

2. Basics of IP commercialization /licensing

     - Enforceable legal property rights

     - Basics of licensing

     - Competition law: the balancing act

3. Determining reasonable license fees & royalty rates

    - Payment forms, Royalties, Valuation

4. Managing licensing risks


Target Audience:

This is the introductory course designed for those with little or no prior experience in licensing. It is specifically aimed at: 

- Non-licensing professionals about to enter the field

- Those who are considering a career in licensing

- Entrepreneurs who need to understand the value of their IP

- Those interested in learning the basics of Intellectual Property (IP) and how to commercialize IP through licensing


B. Level two: Essential Principles and Tools of Licensing

This level includes intensive training that provides participants with detailed information concerning the concept of licensing and management of intellectual assets.
These foundational courses are prerequisites for the third level course in the ACIPLP certificate program.

This level comprises four major topics: 

1. The Basics of Intellectual Property and Licensing

      - Intellectual Property and Legal Basis

      - Trade Secrets and Patents

      - Patents, Trademarks, Internet Domain Names

      - Copyrights

      - Licensing Exercise

      - Licensing Terms: Attributes, Issues, Considerations, and Terminology, Sample License Agreement and Clauses: Recitals, Definitions, Grants, Royalties, Reporting/Audit, Term/Termination, Assignment, Warranties and Representations, Confidentiality, License Limitations, Perspectives of Licensee/Licensor

2. IP/IA Business Strategy

   - Introduction to Intellectual Asset Management: Holistic IAM Model. High-level View of Its Elements: Strategy, Creation, Portfolio Management, Value Extraction, Value Realization. Strategy Element and Case Study Application, Creation Element and Case Study Application; Portfolio Management, Value Extraction Element and Licensing Case Study Application

   - The Search, Joint Ventures and Alliances, Value Recognition Element and Case Study Application, Maturity Model, IP Value Hierarchy and Case Study Application (Ex. D&E)

3. The Deal-Valuation and Negotiation

      - Valuation: Overview; Approaches, Reasons, and Steps for Market, Cost Approaches

      - Introduction to Case Study Application

      - Income Approach, Discount Rates, Present Value, Cash Flow Analysis, The 25% “Rule,” Relief from Royalty, Extracting Value, Value Considerations,              Structuring Agreements, Advanced Valuation Methods, Due Diligence

      - Negotiation Overview: Principles, Strategies, Tactics, Styles, Considerations

      - Deal Memo, Closing the Deal, Positive and Negative Outcomes, Transaction Ethics, License Maintenance

      - Case Study Application: Negotiation Role Play

      - Conclude Negotiations; Plan Presentation

      - Deal Presentations

      - Analysis and Discussion of Deals

4. Living with the Deal

     - Maintaining IP Agreements: Plans, Implementation, Content, Contractual Obligations, Relationships, and Responsibilities

     - Case Study Application: Analysis of the IA Management Issues in the Deals Negotiated in 103

     - Termination Issues and Dispute Resolution Procedures

 These foundational courses are prerequisites for the third level course in the ACIPLP certificate program.

Target Groups:

This course is designed for those whose responsibilities include any aspect of Licensing and Technology Transfer such as:

-  Financial and business development consultants

-  Intellectual Asset managers

-  Patent attorneys

-  Portfolio managers, CEOs, and general managers

-  Those dealing with Franchising & Licensing

C. Level three: Advanced Licensing Strategies and Skills

This level includes advance training designed for those who have completed the second level of the program.

This level comprises four major topics: 

1- Patenting, Due Diligence, and Licensing

    - Finding the Real IP

    - Portfolio Building, Case Study Exemplar

    - Infringement and Validity Considerations

    - Licensing Strategy, Analysis of Confidentiality Agreement

    - Grant Provision

    - Improvements Provision, Payment Provision

    - Warranties, Warranty Infringement

2- IA Strategy

     - IA management system and decision-making tools

     - IA Alignment and Management

     - Analyzing competitive information

     - Developing a business strategy for IA

     - IA Case Study and Analysis

3- Valuation

     - Introduction of Case Study: Overview of a Valuation Report

     - What is the Opportunity Worth? Analysis of Value Drivers

     - Case Study Application: Developing Support for Value Drivers

     - Analysis of Risk Adjustment Methods, Identifying and Adjusting for the Unknown

     - Case Study Application: Considering Reasonableness of Assumptions

     - Using the Valuation Report in Negotiation

4- Negotiation and Ethics

     - Negotiation Case Study Application

     - Negotiation Tactics: Case Study Application

     - Negotiation Case Study: Conclusion

     - Ethical and Professional Practices: Case Study Application

     - Ethics in Negotiations 

Target Audience:

Intellectual asset management professionals, including those responsible for licensing and business development, who want to increase their knowledge of licensing and raise their professional skill level. Typically this group includes licensing/technology transfer executives, intellectual asset managers, financial analysts, and patent attorneys.


ACIPLP program accredited by:

- LES-AC is the regional representative of LES International (LESI), a global business association made up of 32 national and regional societies, representing 93 countries and more than 12000 individual members involved in the licensing, technology transfer and management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).

- Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business (TAGSB), the first school of its kind in the Arab world that represents a partnership between the private and the public sectors. This unique partnership brings the business expertise of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global (TAG.Global) to the academic world of the German-Jordanian University (GJU). In addition to the degrees offered, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Graduate School of Business offers training courses in many disciplines including accounting, finance, English language, and information technology skills using Microsoft solutions.


All the trainers in these programs are certified by the Licensing Executives Society- International (LESI).

Special discounts for groups and companies, where fees include training materials, certificates and supplies for coffee breaks.


Program Duration: Up to 60 hours.

Program registration Fees: 1400 USD

Exam Fees For each Level : 215 USD

Re-Examining Fees: 100 USD


For registration, kindly contact us at the following details

Licensing Executives Society - Arab Countries

Ammar Ziad

Tel: 00962 6 5100 900 / EXT:1140/1654

Fax: 00962 6 5100 901