Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) Certificate

Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA) Certificate


About the Program:

The Certified Patent Valuation Analyst program provides intellectual property managers, licensing managers, technology transfer professionals, inventors, patent lawyers, financial analysts and other business development executives with the skill set necessary to value patents.

this program arms you with the knowledge and critical thinking abilities to negotiate and structure more accretive licensing arrangements. Licensing Executives Society - Arab countries (LES – AC) in cooperation with the Business Development Academy (BDA) are working on marketing the certificate in the Arab countries and Turkey.

The program offers over two days or 16 training hours.This program was held for the first time in the Arab countries in Dubai on April 2014 and will be followed by several sessions for this program.

Certificate Accreditation:

Licensing Executives Society–Arab Countries.

Business Development Academy – new jersey.

Program Courses:

1. Valuation of Emerging Technologies
2. Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns
3. Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement
4. Advanced Patent Valuation (webinar)

Certificate requirements:

The Certified Patent Valuation Analyst certificate is based on the physical presence of actual training for two days in addition to the online webinar about advanced topics in patent valuation.

Program Content:

- Valuation Methods (Cost Method, Market Method, Income Method, The Monte Carlo Method, Real Options Method, Binomial Method, Decision Trees, Competitive Advantage Valuation, 25% Rule)

- Valuation Methods (Probability Weighted Expected Return Method, Relief from Royalty Method, Excess Earnings Method, Markov Chains, Bayesian Analysis, and Probabilistic Methodologies)

- Case studies: Acquisition Comparable, Stock Price Indication Methods, Venture Funding Comparable, Bayesian Analysis, Cross-Licensing

- Valuation Considerations, Citation Analysis Enforceability, Current Impact, Claim Scope Breadth, Technology Strength, Validity Confidence   .Research Intensity, Litigation Avoidance, Valuation Considerations (Science Strength, Partnering Licensing Potential, Innovation Cycle Time, Technology Cogency).

- Formula for Calculating Patent Damages, Litigation Considerations, Standing to Assert

- Risks of Encountering Allegations of Patent Infringement, Estimated Annual Exposure to Allegations of Patent Infringement, Reasonable Royalty and Royalty Base.

- Entire Market Value Rule, relevant court ruling, Selection of Royalty Base

- Establishing EMVR and Valuation of Patents Lost Profits and Calculating Lost Profits

- Creative Damages Theories, Daubert Challenge and Convoy Sales, “Supplemental” Damages, Provisional Damages, Pre-Judgment Interest, Post-Judgment Interest and Court Fees, Attorney Fees, and Lessons from Economic Damages and Manage Your Valuation Experts

Due Diligence, Negotiating Scorecard, Negotiations Timeline, Negotiations Timeline Matrix, Calculating the Costs of Negotiations

Preparing for Negotiations, Opening the Negotiations, The Negotiating Team, Initial Discussions, Non-Disclosure Agreements

Protecting Your IP, Memorandum of Understanding

Licensing Specific Issues: Collaborative Research Agreements, Core Licensing Elements

Royalty Rates, Improvement Rights, Minimum Royalties

Sublicensing, Most Favored Licensee, Cross-Licensing, Field of Use Licensing, Managing Litigation, Warranties and Indemnification

Other Licensing Issues,Have-Made Rights, Licensing and Consulting

Duration of Licensing Agreements Intersection of IP and Bankruptcy Law

Negotiating with Tech Transfer Offices, Negotiating with Non-Practicing Entities

Licensing Check List



Mr. David Wanetick - click here for more information about the trainer

Course Duration:

3 Days.

Special discounts for groups and companies, where fees include training materials, certificates and supplies for coffee breaks.

Program registration Fees: 2600 USD, including study materials, certificates and coffee breaks.